Oliver Snowden

I've worked with start-ups to PLCs (and everything in between), building and managing teams that specialise in automation, SAAS design and implementation. In my experience, building the right team has been by far the most important part of making any business a success.

I believe we can combine technology and market expertise to supercharge the talent acquisition process.


I started out in hardware and network design before moving into the SAAS space, always looking for ways to break the mould and do things better by combining industry expertise with technology. I’ve built up international businesses within the automotive (transactional systems), edtech (SAAS) and technology sectors. I’ve overseen the recruitment of over 70 personnel within client teams as well as leading more than 25 personal hires across tech and operations. In 2021 I facilitated the sale of the SAAS business to an international edtech provider and private equity fund.

In my experience, building the right team has been by far the most important part of making any business a success, and I’ve learnt first-hand that getting it wrong can be a costly mistake!

The options available have always been either DIY, swallowing up an inordinate amount of time, or outsourcing the task at great expense to a recruitment agency, which often has little understanding of the business. I was mulling this over with Duncan and found we had similar frustrations, albeit from different angles. So we have launched Thrive with the goal of doing things better.

If you are looking to upsize your team, or are interested in learning more about us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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    Copyright 2023. Thrive Recruitment Limited. All rights reserved.