Recruiting for charities
doesn't have to be expensive

We offer a unique and cost-effective embedded recruitment service that saves you time and money. No commission fees. Only pay for what you use. Find the perfect staff for your charity or not-for-profit.
Process Mapping
By reviewing and streamlining your existing recruitment process, we’ll optimise candidate experience and your productivity, while ensuring you comply with all the necessary policies and industry guidelines.
Market Research
Ensuring that you have the right Employee Value Proposition is essential, so we’ll help you understand where your business is positioned and what candidates will find attractive.
Job Descriptions
We’ll craft a compelling job description that outlines the role and highlights your company’s values to enable you to attract the best candidates and sell your brand.

Candidate Sourcing
We can network, head-hunt and advertise on your behalf to ensure you find candidates with the right skill sets and who are the best possible fit for your business.
CV Screening
In a competitive market the sheer volume of applicants can be an issue. We screen all candidates and present a shortlist of those who fulfil your requirements. We’ll also give them feedback to ensure your brand is well represented.
Whether you’d like us to conduct initial interviews on your behalf and provide a robust shortlist, or lend our expertise to the entire interview process, we'll ensure you get the best out of the candidates. Remember, the best interviewee isn’t always the best candidate!
Offer Management
Having found the perfect candidate, no one wants to lose them at the final stage. We track expectations and external variables throughout the process to ensure there are no surprises.
Onboarding and training
We can provide assistance with onboarding, and train your team on any or all of these elements. Our goal is that eventually you won’t need us to handle your recruitment and will just call us when you need support.

Average cost reduction
On average we reduce recruitment spend by c.60% net, including all fees and additional resources used
Average time saving
We reduce client's management time spent on recruitment by an average of 60%
Capability improvement
We'll improve company-wide recruitment processes and line manager capability
Improved quality and diversity
We'll improve the quality of the hires and the diversity of those employed
Improved robustness
We'll help accelerate growth plans and improve the robustness of recruitment processes to avoid HR issues
Check out our savings calculator to get an idea of what you could save:

Why manage your recruitment needs with Thrive?

We understand the unique recruitment challenges that charities face and the importance of finding the right person for the job. It can be difficult and expensive to find candidates with the right skills, values and passion for the cause. Do you sometimes wish you had your own recruitment team instead of spending precious time and resources finding those all-important new hires? Do you loathe having to pay huge commission fees to recruitment agencies?

At Thrive we offer a pick-and-mix of great recruitment services. It’s like having your own in-house team but without the overheads. We provide our expertise on an as-you-need-us basis. No lock-in contracts. No subscriptions. No commission fees. Just a great service for any part of your hiring process whenever you need it. And if you don’t have a hiring process, we can help you with that too!

We deliver our knowledge and experience through your brand, representing you professionally and expertly to help you find the perfect staff and achieve your mission.

Significant cost savings

You promised improved service and significant cost savings and you have delivered both.


Stellar find!

Absolutely stellar find! He is making a huge impact!

Head of Professional Services

Top notch calibre

The calibre of the candidates has been top notch

HR Manager

Seamless process

The interview process went seamlessly

Sarah (Candidate)

Goes the extra mile

Duncan represents the client brilliantly and goes the extra mile

Jawaid (Candidate)

We offer a unique and cost-effective embedded recruitment service that saves you time and money. No commission fees. Only pay for what you use. Find the perfect staff for your business.


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    Copyright 2023. Thrive Recruitment Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2023. Thrive Recruitment Limited. All rights reserved.