How to attract top talent to your Charity

How to attract top talent to your Charity

As a non-profit, recruiting can be one of the most challenging aspects of building your organisation. Unlike for-profit companies, charities can struggle to attract top talent due to limited resources, lack of visibility, and the uncertainty that comes with the sector. Recruiting for a charity requires a unique approach that takes into account the needs...

The hidden costs of recruitment

In today’s competitive job market, recruiting staff can be a difficult and time-consuming task. With the ever-increasing demand for skilled workers, organisations need to get creative when it comes to finding the right people to fill their open positions. However, there are many issues that may arise when recruiting staff, such as difficulty finding qualified...

Innovative Hiring

Sometimes you just can’t afford the person you need.  If you need a level of expertise or a niche skill that costs more than your hiring budget then you have a problem. Recruiting someone with less experience than you need and training them up isn’t your only solution, if you can be flexible. There are...

How to interview (part one)

You have your short list of candidates, now you need to interview them. Below are some hopefully helpful insights into the interview process: Make sure you act quickly. Good candidates are likely to be in more than one process. If you don’t book them in quickly, they may be off the market or too far...

Sourcing CVs

There are three main ways to source candidates: advertising, agencies and networking. Advertising is relatively inexpensive, especially online and in local press, and can be fairly well targeted on social media and specialist job boards.  Writing the advert is crucial – get that wrong and you will not attract the right candidates.  It is also...

Managing Staff Retention

Given our background in recruitment we have heard many interesting reasons for wanting to move on, but typically they fall into one of 5 categories: “Mis-sold the role” – typically a hangover from a poor recruitment process where expectations have not been set correctly. “Looking for a new challenge” – this covers a multitude of...

Screening CVs

Once you have sourced your CVs, unless it has been a very targeted search or specific head hunting campaign, then you need to vet them and select which candidates you are going to invite in for an interview.  If you have written a good job description then this should be fairly simple, just a logical...


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    Copyright 2023. Thrive Recruitment Limited. All rights reserved.