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Thrive is a bit different to your standard recruitment agency. We offer full-service recruitment and placement with a difference. Rather than acting as a third-party recruitment company, Thrive embeds expert recruiters as an extension of your own business to help you find the perfect match between your open roles and the most suitable candidates to fill those positions. Here is a case study that we produced with feedback from one of our clients.

Why outsource your recruitment to Thrive?

We understand the importance of finding the right person for the job, and understand how difficult and expensive it can be to find the right fit. We offer specific recruitment expertise on an as-you-need-it basis. No commission fees. Simply pay for our team’s expertise on a fixed daily rate only as and when it is required.

The below case study is from one of our previous customers and details their experience.

Significant cost savings

You promised improved service and significant cost savings and you have delivered both.


Stellar find!

Absolutely stellar find! He is making a huge impact!

Head of Professional Services

Top notch calibre

The calibre of the candidates has been top notch

HR Manager

Seamless process

The interview process went seamlessly

Sarah (Candidate)

Goes the extra mile

Duncan represents the client brilliantly and goes the extra mile

Jawaid (Candidate)


Results we delivered to our client within 6 months

Cost reduction
Reduced recruitment spend by c.70% net, including all fees and additional resources used
Roles recruited
Successfully recruited 17 roles across 7 departments, including Technical, Finance, Project Management, Sales & HR at all levels of management, including senior technical staff.
Time saving
Reduced management time spent by an average of 60%
Capability improvement
Improved company-wide recruitment process and line manager capability
Improved quality and diversity
Improved the quality of the hires and the diversity of those employed
Improved robustness
Introduced speculative candidates to the business resulting in business-critical cover when needed and the acceleration of growth plans and improved robustness of process to avoid HR issues
Recruitment of difficult to find industry accreditations reducing the reliance of third-party certification and providing further cost reductions

Client's problem statement

"We are spending a lot of time and money and not attracting the best candidates"

Issues within the recruitment process:

  • Recruitment costs expected to be  significant due to growth.
  • Reliance on a single recruitment company, so little diversity in applicants.
  • Administrative drain on managers.
  • Limited market coverage and consequently mostly ‘average candidates’.
  • No consistent message to market on company values, strategic direction, etc.
  • Untrained line managers conducting interviews with little support, resulting in no consistency in the benchmarking of candidates.
  • Very slow process, including multiple interviews for all levels of jobs.
  • Job descriptions being produced on an ad-hoc basis with little or no central control.
  • No commercial negotiation with suppliers.


Here's what we delivered for our client
Reduced costs
We provided Recruitment Process Outsourcing services on a day rate, rather than charging 15–20% commission fees.

We reviewed the client's suppliers to ensure competition, and secured discounts and flat fees, saving money and driving the right behaviours.
Increased diversity
We base-lined each supplier against internally sourced candidates and also against a second supplier.

We used industry knowledge and conducted market research and competitor analysis to benchmark the client's position.

Consistent messaging
We engaged at board level to understand the business strategy and produce a single narrative to sell the company to market.

We coached interviewing line managers to make sure they were aware of candidate concerns and buying signals, allowing them to tailor their approach at interview and promote agreed messages and company values.
Broadened market coverage
We challenged the client's perceptions, to provide alternative candidate pools and we implemented alternative low-cost routes to market where appropriate.
Reduced admin
We undertook screening interviews and implemented an interview framework to reduce the preparation needed for the client to carry out second interviews. We then scheduled and coordinated all interviews.

We reviewed the client's internal processes and advised of ways to reduce complexity and personnel required in the decision-making process. Where appropriate we also managed external agencies on the client's behalf.

We managed offers and links into HR/induction.
Consistency of benchmarking
Shadowed during initial interviews and provided feedback.

Provided frameworks to work within and example questions.

Agreed format and content with line managers. and communicated to candidates to allow for structured and productive interviews.
Sped up process
We worked with the client to reduced the number of stakeholders involved.

We set realistic expectations on timescales and provided regular updates to both the client and candidates.
Centralised Job descriptions
We created a central 'bank' of job descriptions which were produced and vetted to ensure a consistent standard and message. The bank of job descriptions can be used for reference and to help with future positions.


Client's Testimonials

“We engaged Duncan as we had to do a lot of recruitment in a short amount of time and didn’t have the capability in house.  He presented compelling commercials and we engaged him to help us with key hires across IT, Sales, HR, Finance and Ops.  Duncan provides advice and insight into the market and always keeps us appraised of progress and market feedback.  We have now hired 15+ good candidates in 6 months.  He promised improved service and significant cost savings and he has delivered both.” – CEO

“Some feedback on the candidate – Absolutely stellar find! He is making a huge impact!” – Head of Professional Services

“The quality of the candidates presented and the insight into them made light of the fact that it was a difficult role to fill in a challenging market.  Really pleased with the result.” – Head of Customer Service

“I was recruiting several roles, and they were all urgent.  The pace of the recruitment and the quality of the candidates was exceptional and when things went wrong as they sometimes do, Duncan had a Plan B which he was able to quickly execute.  The new team members have fitted in well, and I have been delighted with the process and support provided.” – Head of Projects

“We worked with Duncan across all areas of the business from IT & Projects to Finance & Ops.  He has added structure to the recruitment process and lessened the weight of admin on me.  His feedback on candidates from his first round interviews has been invaluable, allowing us to focus our interviews more effectively.  Finally, the calibre of the candidates and the offer management have been top notch.  It’s been a pleasure working with Duncan and I’d recommend him to other businesses in our position.” – HR Manager

“Duncan is an outstanding recruiter. I worked with Duncan for a role I finally considered and it turns out to be the best career move I have made. Duncan is professional, has excellent communication skills, represents the client brilliantly and goes the extra mile. These are just a few reasons that I would  recommend him for anyone looking for a new career change.” Jawaid (candidate) 

“I didn’t realise I was looking for a new exciting role until Duncan approached me.  He built his client’s credibility with his highly professional, enthusiastic and thorough manner. The interview process went seamlessly, I was frequently updated with progress and my expectations were set accurately. If I’m ever looking again, Duncan will be my go-to”.  Sarah (candidate)

“My experience has been positive throughout. Since the start of the process, Duncan has been informative and attentive. He made sure I was aware of ongoing communications and kept me up to date with progress.  I would highly recommend.”  Ben (candidate)


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