Managing the offer

When you have found the right candidate you need them to accept the job.

Here there are some key elements to consider:

  1. Manage expectations from the offset: If you can only pay £30k then don’t advertise at £30k+ and don’t let the agencies show you candidates who are looking for £35k who “might accept less”.
  2. Avoid surprises: Reconfirm the candidate’s interest and expectations at each stage. If possible find out what other processes they are in and where your opportunity ranks.
  3. Find out what, other than money, interests them: It could be flexible working, holidays, training or industry sector.  Here knowledge is power so find out anything you can.
  4. Tailor your offer to them: When you know what they want, try and offer as close to that as you can. Anything you can’t offer try and offset with other benefits, even if it is free tea and coffee! Sell all of the benefits you found out in step 3!
  5. Be enthusiastic: If you don’t sound excited about the offer, why should they be? If you’re having a bad day, do something to chill out before calling them and stand up and smile whilst you are talking to them.
  6. Offer the best you can: Don’t be tempted to scrimp. If you think the role is worth £30k, pay them £30k, even if you think you could get them for £28k. They will have seen the adverts or spoken to the agency. Start your relationship with them on a positive, with them feeling valued.
  7. Follow up the offer regularly: Candidates often have to resign or work notice, or maybe they have a couple of other final interviews that they “just want to see through”. This is a key stage as good candidates will likely get other offers or buy back from their current employer.  Arrange reasons to speak at least once a week, be they social or administrative, and if they start to sound less enthused or cagey then at least you can find out why and maybe fix it.

If you are open with candidates and interested in what makes them tick, then tabling an attractive offer that suits both parties is relatively straight forward.  Monitoring that offer and staying engaged is just as important as getting that initial “yes”.  People are fickle creatures, but if you follow the above advice then you are giving yourself not only the best chance of that talented new hire accepting your offer, but also turning up a month later.

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    Copyright 2023. Thrive Recruitment Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2023. Thrive Recruitment Limited. All rights reserved.